Etiquetas Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn (12 October 1957 in London, England) is the stage name of a British director and producer of gay pornographic films and a former gay porn film actor.

In the foreword to a book devoted to Kristen Bjorn’s work, director William Higgins wrote that, «[in] the relatively brief history of hardcore gay videos, Kristen Bjorn has emerged unchallenged as the best director to date.

Early life

Bjorn was born in London, the son of a Russian mother and a British father. He was raised in Washington, D.C., where his father was stationed as a diplomat. He has a brother and two sisters. In an interview conducted in 1997, Bjorn stated that only one of his sisters knows his profession as a maker of gay erotic films.[2]

After graduating from high school, Bjorn set out to travel widely, to places including Asia, India, and Europe. His career goal at the time was to be «a photographer for a magazine like National Geographic. I wanted to travel across the world and photograph people. I was really very interested in different cultures.

Beginning of his career in pornography

Bjorn arrived in San Francisco in 1978, where he encountered the gay community for the first time. «[I]t was all very strange to me.»[3] Encouraged by the ideal of male beauty that he found in gay erotic magazines, Bjorn took up working out and paying attention to his own physique. Around 1980, he was photographed by Fred Bisonnes for Mandate magazine. This was followed by two appearances in Falcon videos: Biker’s Liberty (Falcon Studios 30, 1983) and The New Breed (Falcon Studios 32, 1983). Falcon chose the pseudonym Kristen Bjorn for him due to his resemblance to the Swedish tennis player Björn Borg